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Exotic Pet Compounded Medication in Mountain View, OK

Importance of Compounded Medication for Exotic Pets

Compounded medications play an essential role in the health and wellbeing of your exotic pets. The use of compounded medication helps in treating complex medical conditions that exotic pets often face. These specialized treatments increase the success rate considerably when dealing with rare illnesses or unusual symptoms.

We formulate these veterinary medicines according to specific requirements, like altering the dosage form, flavoring for increased palatability or adjusting dosages based on the weight and size of your pet. They offer various advantages, ensuring effective care tailored to each pet’s unique needs.

Moreover, they provide a way around difficulties that standard veterinary drugs may present, like allergy-inducing ingredients or unsuitable sizes of tablets or capsules for tiny pets.

Exotic Pets We Serve

We cater to the unique medicinal needs of a wide range of exotic pets. Birds, reptiles, small mammals such as guinea pigs and rabbits, as well as larger animals like alpacas and llamas, all fall within our care. Swift foxes or sugar gliders are not left out; they receive top-notch patient care at our establishment. Amphibians too need expert attention – frogs and salamanders with health concerns get access to specialized veterinary drugs through us.

At our facility in Mountain View, OK, we understand that their unique physiology requires special care and prescribed veterinary medicines. Caring for these uniquely wonderful creatures is part of what makes Veterinary Enterprises exceptional in animal care service!

Products We Offer

At Veterinary Enterprises, our line of products goes beyond your usual expectations. We specialize in formulating exotic pet compounded medications designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each animal. Every product is assembled with careful precision, keeping in mind the exact requirements specified by your vet.

We proudly provide an extensive range of medications that cater to various illnesses and conditions striking exotic pets. Our offerings include antibiotics for infections, pain relievers for discomfort, specialized diets for specific nutritional needs, and behavioral medicines for stress or anxiety disorders.

Beyond only making these vital resources available, we engage experts to ensure every medication’s efficacy and safety. Equipped with advanced technology and a dedicated team passionate about animal care, we formulate veterinary drugs that not only treat but aim at enhancing your pet’s overall health condition.